Eat and Drink



212 Lake Street, Northbridge, 6003

A secret kept quiet by most locals, Tarts is a cafe and giftshop. Previously a house, it was renovated and changed into a giftshop and kitchen. Boardrooms, bedrooms are now dining spaces, kitchen and dining rooms are for the staff and guests. You can walk through the house to the back garden which is colourful and always welcoming, just incaseyou didn't quite feel like staying indoors for breakfast. It's a cafe-giftshop, selling wares and gifts your mother and grandmother wouldn't mind getting their hands on, and items for kids or for the home. Tarts also offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options and is a favourite among locals.


454 William Street, Northbridge, 6003

Spacious, minimal and completely clutter free - you'll find Daphne Cafe a breath of fresh air. Owners Adam and Sophie cultivate art, space and minimalist designs in this cafe, with a portrait of Daphne hanging on the wall near them. Percolated cold drips and hot cups are worked around this cafe on William Street, situated nextdoor to William Top and Weston's Barbershop. If you fancy a little mystery, try their 'Gold Bar' or grab a La Paleta Popsicle to cool yourself in the summer heat. 


100 Lake Street, Northbridge, 6003

Welcome to one of the places in Northbridge that is constantly filling your Instagram feed. Worn couches beckon you to curl up with a book and a coffee, the large tables and copious amounts of seating invites you to bring along a group of friends for brunch and you'll have the choice of indoor or garden seating. With wholesome food and organic options, Little Bird Cafe is one of the rustic additions to Lake Street. 


28 Roe Street, Northbridge, 6003

One of the latest additions to the Northbridge neighbourhood is The Standard. Bar, garden and kitchen, the cool and colourful decor coupled with rooftop seating and a courtyard garden strung with fairy lights makes for a good place to visit for dinner. Friday nights are busy and the crowd ebbs and flows, make a reservation in advance as it's a prime place for after work drinks to celebrate the weekend. Dishes are predominately for sharing, with all but four for those who want to be selfish. If you choose to be selfish, you can't go past the lamb belly with sweet and spicy eggplant and grapefruit. 


8/189 William Street, Northbridge, 6003

Nestled far down the end of William Street's Arcade 189, this cafe and dessert bar is always buzzing. It provides many locals a quick fix of sweetness, and with simple but well made waffles with just the right amount of cream and toffee. It's a place you may find yourself wistfully spending your afternoon, people watching or chatting away with friends, and two green tea lattes later, welcoming the evening crowd.