458 William Street, Northbridge, 6003

Translate the cute name of this equally cute and quirky print and design store and you have "Beautiful is mine". Dedicated to the joy of creating, Beau Est Mien stocks limited edition prints and homewares created by amazing and talented international, interstate and local artists and designers. Not only do you have the opportunity to purchase a print, but you are more than welcome to dabble in the creative art of letter press and spin the large wheel of the printing press, housed upstairs in their printing studio. This creative printmaking studio and shop also offers the people of Perth the opportunity to participate in workshops twice a month, for kids, teens and adults. 


212 William Street, Northbridge, 6003

A favourite bookstore of mine and one that provides adventure in the form of beautiful words and hard covers, Northside is a must visit. James, the owner of the bookstore, will captivate you and recommend you books, magazines... all sorts. Just let him know what you're interested in. Even if it is as vague as "something nice" he'll work with that and go from there. You're in for a bit of an adventure with James, he'll give you the background of the novel or the author in little snippets and suggest to you titles he may not have, but can order in. Either way he'll always find something that will suit. He himself, is a lovely guy with an amazing memory. If it isn't a worth visiting because of its ridiculously lovely kitsch decor or for the fact that you can read a book before buying it while  sipping coffee, then I don't know what is.


218A William Street, Northbridge, 6003

A clothing store, gallery and cafe, Tu really is it's definition - a transcultural harmonisation. Perhaps somewhat misleading from the front of the store with its beautiful window displays and fabric draped on hangers, Tu seems nothing more than the typical boutique. Walk a little further and you'll find a gallery and intimate exhibition space. Following that you'll discover a cute and small cafe setting with a large range of teas for consumption.