Since opening last year, Typika has pushed itself up the charts as a popular coffee and food spot. Situated in Claremont, Typika is a roastery warehouse that focuses on displaying the art of roasting coffee while providing delicious food and a place for customers enjoy their coffee in a simple and unpretentious roastery. Typika Artisan Roasters is a big, open plan kitchen/espresso bar and cafe adorned with beaker light fittings.

After the Wedding Upmarket, May and I took a quick detour to Claremont. Incredibly popular, we happened to go at an opportune time. May still had a big craving for eggs since her first craving for breakfast hadn't been fulfilled. So she ordered eggs. However one suggestion is that unless you like chewing - try to get the softer bread. I on the other hand was feeling for something fresh and sweet and ordered the red fruit salad. With raspberries, watermelon, plums and strawberries, the fruit salad is topped with a cloud of passionfruit foam. The passionfruit foam is sour but as you get to the bottom the sweetness intensifies. May ordered the deconstructed hot chocolate, which she said was amazing and it definitely looked it!

It was so lovely catching up with May. May and I have known each other since first year in primary school. I was jealous of her awesome knee high boots in year one and although we both can't remember what they even look like, it was one of the bonding moments in the play ground. Although leading busy lives we still manage to squeeze in hilarious phone conversations and texts, but it's always wonderful to meet up with her in person.


331 Stirling Highway, Claremont

Opening Hours:

Monday - Sunday: 6.30am - 3.30pm