Burlesque Baby

The above sneaky snaps are from the Fresh Faced Follies Grad Show held by Sugar Blue Burlesque at the Bakery in Northbridge. Two Wednesdays ago I attended my first ever Burlesque show to support two of my beautiful girls. I brought my camera only to find out there was a strict no-photo policy however as I had left my camera on my lap which just so happened to be facing the stage as I was in the front row... and I didn't have my flash on... I thought it couldn't do any harm to take one or two or perhaps ten photos. Right?

The show was lovely and although I couldn't stay for the duration of it I got to see my girlies perform. Sultry movements, fun and bold lips, all the silk, pearls and black velvet you could imagine. It was here. An array of performances graced the stage, red aprons, silky nightgowns, big fluffy feather fans and kitty cats. Chan's 'spider leg eyelashes' were soon peeled off and used as eyebrows and moustaches by Iris and I...the photos are somewhere on Chantel's phone.

Sugar Blue have courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced Burlesque dancers. From the 1920's through to the 1960's, Sugar Blue Burlesque is about the elaborate vintage costumes, dances, comedy, music and fun.

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