Wedding Upmarket

I think most things that attract people to the thought of weddings are the little details done in the most "perfect" of ways surrounding one of the most integral moments in many of our lives.  The tulle, fine silk, the cake and the reserved table settings. It's being surrounded by love, happiness and anticipation. And sometimes all that matters is the feeling of complete and utter magic. 

The Wedding Upmarket is a gorgeous array of goods for sale, masterful set ups and prettiness. Held once a year at the Undercroft at the University of Western Australia, the Wedding Upmarket is a colourful, lovely and wonderful (free) way to take note of the beautiful services provided by well established or even smaller venders with a whole lot to show, as well as to get that creativity going. You'll more than likely leave the Wedding Upmarket feeling inspired, sometimes even with a goodie or two to take home with you.