Mrs.S Revisited

I've visited Mrs.S on more than just two occasions. I keep returning to this little bit of foodie heaven. (To be honest, it's also pretty girly so...) The menus are in Little Golden Books, and I really love it because I used to own a huge collection of these treasures when I was younger and they would line my wooden bookcase. I could also always pick out my favourite books from the bookcase without looking - just by carefully and closely examining the spine.

I do love the food at Mrs. S a lot. They have some items that have long remained on the menu for obvious reasons - they're favourites of course, but every so often Mrs.S mixes it up. For some reason lately I've been drawn to granola. I have all of the ingredients at home but find it incredibly hard to bring myself to pouring it into a bowl and eating it. I guess it becomes more appealing when you're not doing it yourself and rushing about on a work morning and when it's beautifully presented to you like this one was.

Their drink menu too remains unchanged. And that's completely a-okay with me. I know how to pick out my favourites. I love Peter Rabbit and their little homeage to Beatrix Potter would be sadly missed if they got rid of it. So I'm happy if the drinks menu stays as is. I went with my brother for brunch this Saturday morning and urged him to pick out the Citron Presse (more so so I could have a sip heehee) but also because I always crave and pick the Citrus and Earl Grey Ice Tea. And I would feel a bit cheated if I didn't at least have my drink when visiting.

Mrs. S is incredibly popular and I would suggest getting ready to wait as lines are long. As soon as someone in front of you looks like they've gone for a bit of a wander down the street, service tells you you're next in line. Place holders are little alphabets instead of numbers which is refreshing and fun. You can purchase bits and bobs off the walls and take home some cakes to go, but if you want to stay a while you can also read the menu and a Little Golden Book while you wait.