Six Senses Subiaco

I don't often eat Thai food and so jumped at the chance to try some with Suzanna. After a long and grueling week at work it was nice to sit by the heat lamp with her, watch people wander pass and dig into good food. Oftentimes the Thai food I have tried is a bit hit and miss with certain dishes, but the dishes we shared (papaya salad with softshell crab, the Five Spices duck and coconut prawns) at Six were yum - there was nothing left on our plates.

I adore meeting up with Suzanna. As she was just about to jet off to Europe, she was full of excitement and I couldn't help but be happy and somewhat a tiny bit jealous of her frolicking in the Scandinavian sun as I was still stuck in a cold winter. At some point during dinner we began talking about how we first met - it may have been a leading thought following our discussion of university antics. I remember always admiring Suzanna from afar, she had gorgeous long locks and her voice seemed to float through the air. She was always so calm and beautiful and to be honest was like a Greek Goddess in her billowing long skirts.

I don't quite remember the specifics of how our friendship began (shame on me) but I do remember key feelings. I was actually so in awe of her I had no idea what to say and when I did have something to say I am certain I looked like a complete babbling idiot. We bonded quickly over our love of good food and travel, perhaps it was our shared heritage and a lengthy discussion about the good food in KL that forged the friendship deep and strong. Three years on from when we first met and it's hard to imagine not having our talks during long drives, Angus and Julia Stone or The xx playing in the car, or going for spur of the moment picnics during the summer. Suzanna completely warms my heart.