Addison & Steele

I actually have a huge backlog of photos and posts but I thought I would quickly put this one up as it's still fresh in my mind and the coffee still fresh on my taste buds. Passing it on the bus rides to work every day (or rather, when the bus decides to deviate up through Angove Street) I thought it was about time I try Addison & Steele. Even if that meant going by myself.

So tonight I drove over to North Perth on the way home from work. There was a free coffee tasting occurring when I arrived and at first felt a bit awkward, thinking I had crashed some sort of private event. The barista, whose name I forgot to ask but will from now be known as Mr Steele, told me that they usually have Public Cupping every so often and that it was the best way to try coffee in its purest form. He encouraged me to join but I felt like spectating instead. Besides, it was fun to watch them shift around the table like they were playing musical chairs, making the occasional slurping sound.

Their kitchen is small and open and so causes the staff to come up with utensil practical and interesting menus matching the seasons and different days of the week. They also have a designated espresso and filter bar where you can sit and watch them make your coffee as they explain to you what it is they're doing. It's a little bit like the coffee set up Gale Boetticher had in Breaking Bad. They had some pork in the oven when I visited which had been slow cooking all day, ready for some pork sliders the next. Today they had breakfast bruschetta, pumpkin soup and smoked salmon bagels on offer along with a few other specials. 

I myself couldn't go past a blueberry bagel with three different cream cheeses. Each bagel comes with its own selection of cheeses and spreads. The blueberry bagel was complemented by strawberry, blueberry and a peanut butter nutella cream cheeses with flavours you could eat alone or together. I think it was a peanut butter/nutella mix but whatever it was it was delicious. I elected a "comp style" tasting platter with an espresso and a cup of the Candyman. It's basically a brew with milk and one without. You can get a mix of these exotic coffees or go with a standard flat white, which I am sure they'll have no trouble brewing. The baristas will pour your coffee as they educate you about what is sitting and waiting in your cup.

Addison & Steele opens early and closes late on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays so be sure to try it out if you want coffee, to meet up with friends somewhere different, or a light bite to eat. They're closed on Mondays but open from 6.30am - 4pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays and other varying times, just check out Urbanspoon or take a peak inside.


Suite 1/448 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

Opening Hours:

Tuesday - Wednesday 6.30am - 4pm

Thursday - Friday 6.30am - 7pm

Saturday 8am - 7pm

Sunday 8am - 4pm