Izayaka Sakura

Izayaka Sakura is actually so popular and always booked out you need to book in advance on Dimmi or call the restaurant. The restaurant is known for turning away people without reservations, just because it's almost always booked out. We went on a Monday night at 6.30pm when it opened and although it was empty for the first twenty minutes it slowly but steadily filled all seats.

Once you step in it's as if you've stepped into a restaurant in Japan. However instead of the plastic copies of the food on display, they have photos of every single dish on their menu, even their drinks and I think it's a great compromise. The menus is also printed on your place mats, which is a great strategy because whilst eating you're also able to look and visually see all of the other food on offer and if you're like me, you'll plan what you'll be trying out the next time you visit.

Everything is incredibly authentic. The waitresses bow and yell out "Irasshaimase!" which still startles me every time even though every single restaurant in Japan had someone yelling it out in five minute intervals in unison. Their drinks are delicious and they have a few Calipo mixed drinks which I had the pleasure of tasting when in Tokyo on our first night and reminds me of the little lady who ran the store who tried to educate us on Japanese vending machines and her juke box that played until two in the morning.

I've only eaten chicken wing dumplings on two occasions, once in Melbourne at Akachochin (favourite forever to be honest) and once here. Sakura doesn't do too badly but I must say the dumpling at Akachochin was incredible. Maybe that review was greatly influenced by my Melbourne foodie experience. Still, Sakura's dishes are well proportioned for the price you pay and taste great (of course, I haven't had the whole menu but what I did have was yummy).

Luckily for us, their full menu accompanied hand in hand with pictures and prices is on their website. We ordered the Aburi Wagyu Roll which I will order again next time because it was so good, the Sashimi Sakura which had octopus and squid which I have never tried raw like that before. If you're unaccustomed with raw squid and octopus then I recommend ordering the Small Sashimi Sakura which doesn't include these. It's cheaper too. Chicken Wing Gyoza was ordered along with avocado seafood and a softshell crab dish with tosazu sauce. For dessert we shared Kuromitsu Kinako and Yukimi- Daifuku Icecream, which are mochi filled with icecream.

I'll be visiting Sakura again soon and next time I'll have sake.


2/182 James Street, Perth

Opening Hours:

Friday - Saturday 6pm - 10.30pm

Every other day but Tuesday 6pm - 10pm