Mrs. S

I finally had a chance to catch up with Suzanna on Friday, after many belated birthday catch up attempts all of which failed. It was so good to see her and it had been months since our last outing together. We met at Mrs. S in Maylands, a cute, homely and quaint little cafe with a sweet vibe. I couldn't help looking and taking photos of everything. I arrived early and managed to bag a seat near the window, it was incredibly busy, especially during lunch time. If you're thinking of going, try just before lunch which starts at 11.30 as the breakfast crowd leaves around that time. The lunch menu is decent, it doesn't have too many things to choose from which is good in one way, but even from those it's still hard to make up your mind. I find that tends to happen a lot, not only do you have choices for lunch but also drink choices and dessert choices and of course you always want to try everything but your stomach won't allow it.

I had a salmon, mango and an asian greens salad, the salmon was cooked just right, still pink in the middle but not raw. Suzanna ordered a steak bread sandwhich and it came with onion rings, something I haven't had in the longest time. The desserts and cakes were so pretty and incredibly nice to eat too, served with an incredibly thick scoop of cream that at first glance looks like very solid ice cream. My carrot cake was the nicest carrot cake I've had, filled with walnuts, coconut and topped with sugared violets and blueberries.

It is a really lovely place for a nice casual catch up if next time you're in the Maylands area. Even if you don't have their lunch menu, you should definitely try their carrot cake. 

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