Sayer's Sister

Finally managed to arrange a catch up with my darling girls Iris, Chantel and Farrah (whom I haven't seen in months). Originally we had planned on having a little Japanese at the Bonsai Restaurant and Cafe Lounge, however in typical style, I forgot to double check the opening times and later realised they weren't open at 12pm on Tuesdays for lunch, even after having made a booking online. I think this is the second time I've done something silly like that and Bonsai have had to email me back telling me they weren't open and I'm sure they remember my name and ahh I'm slightly scared to reveal who I really am to them the next time I go to eat there in case they recognise me as the silly girl always reserving and making bookings when they're never open and giving them unnecessary emails.

So while getting ready I had to search for a new place we could go and eat - this is where Urban Spoon is your best friend. We settled on Sayer's Sister, a newly opened branch of the Sayer's Foods in Leederville, located on Lake Street in Northbridge. However very much the other end of the usual hotspots in Northbridge. Iris and I arranged to meet outside the Western Australian Museum and caught the 60 past Bulwer Street and made our way to Sayer's, getting side tracked by the pretty jacaranda trees in Hyde Park.

Chantel was lost and late (

this always happens for some reason

) and Farrah soon showed up in a gorgeous green dress from Cue. Least to say we were all quite colourful. All of us except Iris ended up choosing the yummy bruschetta and Iris chose a strangely named cake (

help I've forgotten! It was something spongey

) but it was also just as yum as the bruschetta. After we'd finished our food we decided it was probably time to get going, however after leaving Sayer's we got sidetracked outside and stood around chatting for another good ten minutes even though we had already bid each other farewell.

Chantel drove Iris and I to Harbour Town, but not before getting extremely lost and almost heading toward the freeway south. It was a really good day and I haven't seen them for so long, so it was a much needed catch up for sure.

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