Summer Barbeque

Snaps from a lovely Summer Barbeque at Annie's house last Sunday. She wonderfully put together a range of different foods, lemon chicken, portuguese style chicken, asparagus and chipolatas to name a few. Hannah and Kate brought along different salads and a couscous dish made by Hannah's mother. Laith, like usual, brought the meat, and I came holding a passionfruit trifle pictured above. I spent all of Saturday making the trifle, the bottom layer of passionfruit mousse, smooth lemon cake and ontop of that, a really delicious passionfruit curd. I ended up having some passionfruit curd left over and half of the cake mix left to make, so made some the other day and I revisited passionfruit lemon heaven. On top of the curd were cubed mango jellies and passionfruit whipped cream, topped with meringues. I was going to make my own, but ran out of time so Woolworths meringues would have to do. The barbeque was a delight and I had been looking forward to it for so long, in between exams and assignments which just kept piling up, much like a trifle but less yummy.
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