44 Station Street, Subiaco, 6008

Drop by the Flower Market for the freshest in season flowers when looking for colour for  your home. My breakfast is an assortment of pastries from La Galette de France and lunch is a bowl full of warm meat from the Souvlaki Corner, depending on the weather. There are areas to sit and eat at and a mixture of cuisines from around the world. Squeeze past other avid fresh fruit and vegetable buyers for delicious white peaches and mangoes from Golden Choice and battle your way around the markets with a basket.


169 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, 6008

Simon Johnson, "purveyor of quality foods", is located on Subiaco's most sought after spaces along Rokeby Road. Boasting home grown and imported foods of high quality, Simon Johnson also stocks a range of home wares and gifts. If you look to the back of the store, there is a fromagerie giving you the opportunity to walk in and walk out with a good slab of delicious cheese. With chocolate and confectionary from regions like England, France, Itay, Turkey and the United States, there's nothing stopping you from paying a visit.


113 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, 6008

Independently owned and run for over twenty-six years by a mother and her daughter, showcasing on the walls important and noteworthy titles of varying genres. Quotes adorn the ceiling skirting, with the shop the colour of sunshine yellow. Here you'll find titles pertaining to history, gardening, art and design, food and wine, fashion and beauty and children's books to name a few. A charming bookshop to visit when in Subiaco.


103 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, 6008

One of only three branches left in Perth, Jackson's is the perfect creative place to fuel yourself, and your perhaps low stocked art supplies. Creative souls and the artistically inclined are often venturing into Jackson's to find world famous art and equipment. It's a one stop shop, home to books, watercolour paint pots, felt, calligraphy pens, clay and easels.