Beau est Mien - Bloom Voyage Launch

Beau est Mien is a treasured prints and design store, frequented by an array of members of the artistic community and those with a penchant for beauty. The celebration and launch of an inspirational floral collection designed and illustrated by store founder and artist Magali and lovely store manager and equally talented Alina, was had at Beau est Mien. 

A flood of natural light is constant, shining brightly on the beautiful products and items for sale in the store. Upstairs, light floods through the windows of the studio where prints are pressed and artistic talent realised. On the night of the launch, the space was shifted into a contemporary art gallery, showing off unique artworks from the Bloom Voyage Collection and collections before. 

I had the pleasure of capturing a few moments of the night's launch. If you feel so inclined, take a peek at what they have to offer!

Beau est Mien Prints and Designs
Address: 458 William Street Northbridge
Instagram: @beauestmien

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