Last Day in London

Taking a page out of Michelle's amazing travel adventures, I was inspired to pull together a couple of photographs that represented our last day in London (although mine is probably not as whimsical but the days were just as cold). 

The day was started with a pistachio and almond cronut I'd bought from Harrod's the night before and a cup of tea as our to do list was plotted for the final day in London.  Again, it required a quick scurry throughout Nell Gwynn House and down the lobby, waiting patiently for the seemingly slow lift and down and out into the crisp London air. One never quite knows what the weather in London will be like - so preparing yourself for all four seasons at once is the way to go throughout Spring. Think layers.

Before leaving work for our London adventure, my boss at the time sat me down and interrogated my list. So on our last day it just would not have ended right if we hadn't paid a visit to Monmouth upon recommendation from Tristan, who knows a thing or two about coffee. More on Monmouth later.

Coffee in hand, we visited Borough Market just next door to Monmouth. It is honestly so big that the market needs its own map. 

Our senses were awash with sights, sounds and smells. It was evident we needed to get taste happening. Free tastes for almost everything were strewn by shop owners to passers by and the smell of paella wafted from a nearby store.

Granola of all kinds, cheeses of every variety, salami on strings longer than my arm and more turkish delight flavours than you could ever conceive to exist were available for picking and choosing. 


Just around the corner from the markets were bread classes and a little walk up from there we came across The Shard. 

We left London Bridge and made the walk to St Paul's Cathedral, passing Tate Modern (where we had visited the day before) and past Shakespeare's Globe. It was at St Paul's that we gave our legs the first biggest work out since arriving in Europe, climbing two hundred and fifty-nine steps to the Whispering Gallery.

Three hundred and seventy-six steps up from the Cathedral floor is the Stone Gallery and another one hundred and fifty-two you'll find yourself almost on top of London at the Golden Gallery. We only made it to the Stone Gallery as the weather was less than compromising and we were unable to visit the Golden Gallery. 

We made our way to Marylebone where we got off at Baker Street, visited the Sherlock Holmes Museum and Shop, perused the Monocles at Monocle, and fell in love with book heaven. I wanted to visit this bookstore since arriving in London and so luckily on the last day we made the walk there throughout Marleybone.


It was so good to get away from the centre of the city and take some time exploring the outer boroughs. With that being said, it wouldn't be complete if we didn't catch the tube to Earl's Court to see the last and only Police Box (TARDIS) in London and then walked home to Chelsea from Kensington Station.  Not long after that it was sadly time to fly off to Switzerland.