Hikefolk - Ellis Brook Valley

4am. I wasn't sure if I would be able to wake myself from sleep. Matthew was up and waiting for me at the door, flannel on and shorts to match, yelling out that the sun waits for no one. After a half hour bleary eyed drive to Ellis Brook Valley, Htet, Rhianna and I found ourselves freezing but happily crammed ourselves into Matthew's car while we waited for Jinn and Sarah

Apart from being crispy and cold, the sky was clear and the views were far from disappointing. There were plenty of wildflowers in full bloom and rows and rows of banksia trees. A tiny but distinct Perth Skyline sat in a purple haze. The old quarry was particularly fun and  made for amazing photographs. Many of us honed our rusty rock climbing skills and banana throwing/catching abilities. Jumping across puddles is also much harder than you think. 

I've met a fair share of people and can say that moments are special due to the people whom you share them with. Only so few would be willing to wake up at dawn and chase the sun. It's terribly cliche but there is certainly some truth in it. 

Ellis Brook Valley is located in Gosnells and is home to many trail walks. The 60 ft falls walk is one of them. Unfortunately as it had been a dry winter, the waterfall wasn't as splendid as it should have been but the other views more than made up for it.

And yes, Socality Barbie - when people go on morning hikes it's not unusual to bring along a flask of coffee and drink it on a rock in an abandoned quarry.