Night Noodle Markets Perth 2015

The Night Noodle Markets over east are often envied by people in Perth, or at least I envy the noodle goodness that pops up on my Instafeed. I think I am right in saying that it's been long awaited. Although the noodle markets lasted a week, I didn't get the opportunity to try very many noodles. Instead it was an opportunity for many of the Asian restaurants to present their best picks on offer from their menus in an easy, quick and relatively no fuss way. There were dumplings, pad thai, skewers and fall off the bone meats.

Set up in a somewhat hawker market manner, the Perth Cultural Centre was alive with foods, sounds and hungry people. Newcomers to the Perth restaurant scene came along to show what they were made of, while others reaffirmed their places as favourites. Lines were long for some stalls however the markets provided the chance to sample varying dishes in a relaxed and casual setting with friends. I am looking forward to the next Night Noodle Market - perhaps they'll bust out a few more lights and lanterns and a lot more noodles!