Japan Visual Food Diary


Food is found everywhere in Japan. On main streets, down alleyways, at the peak of the tallest buildings, basements, underground passageways and located deep within the stations, there is always food to be had. Seats are placed at market stalls, restaurants look small but then open up to a vast space and delicious smells and for other places to eat - it's standing room only.

Everything is delicious, authentic and in some cases awesomely weird. An inconspicuous hole in the wall can present to you the most delicious bowl of ramen. Food can be bought through vending machines, department stores or using tickets and cool button contraptions. The quality of food is high, the smells are amazing and when compared to other large scale global economies, the food is extremely well priced. You can't go past the Japanese staples - ramen, izakaya, tempura, tonkatsu and sushi.