The Pantry at Shop Wonderland


It was to my delight that I stumbled across this cute cafe, retail store and workshop studio. Combining three things I love most, Shop Wonderland's golden accents made it an eye catching shop front, pulling me in, with the interior making me stay. At the time, the cafe was adorned with Christmas decorations, stockings and wreaths among the usual draped colourful lights. 

If it weren't so hot outside, I would have eagerly tried the popcorn matcha latte they had on offer, but instead I opted for one of the cooler options, a lychee and grape mint fizz. I sat at the corner window, trying to decide which pastry to have while watching people walk up and down Haji Lane. Cakes at The Pantry are made by Maple & Market, with the crispy pastries supplied by Carpenter & Cook, a local quality baker. 

If you find yourself wandering down Haji Lane I would encourage you to pop into The Pantry. Homely, pretty and a nice place to spend an afternoon reading, The Pantry has much to offer with its lovely service and upstairs store and workshop. You'll fall into wonderland and much like Alice, find it very hard to step out of it.