Exploring Singapore: Little India

One of three cultural districts in Singapore, Little India is noisy and hot, the air is full of spices and the streets are full of colour. Walking along Serangoon Road, you will find an assortment of shops and stalls selling jewellery, saris, henna and fresh fruits and vegetables. Flower stalls scatter the streets, selling garlands of jasmine and restaurants are crammed door to door along the street fronts. 

A cacophony of noise, I found myself constantly turning my head here and there in order to find the source of the noise - often which were the ringings of bicycle bells, the chopping of coconuts and shop owners selling their wares. Don't forget to visit Tekka Market/Mall (wet market) just outside of the Little India MRT station. This is where you can pick out your fresh produce, seafood and jackfruit. Beware that it is a wet market, the floors are indeed wet and your shoes may get a little dampened, but it's a worthwhile price to pay to immerse yourself in the colours and vibrancy of Little India.