The Tintin shop

At some point or another, a Tintin comic book was always in my school bag. I would constantly borrow Tintin books from primary school - not only for its short and interesting stories but for its fascinating illustrations and funny dialogue. Although now seen as somewhat controversial, much like the Enid Blyton books I read as a child, they captured the history of the time. The books also acted as an escape - allowing me to take trips to an assortment of places and follow Snowy, Tintin and Captain Haddock on their adventures. One doesn't quite forget the Secret of the Unicorn. 

Tintin might be associated with Belgium but it's not limited to remaining there. It's also hidden down a street in Chinatown in Singapore,  believe it or not. As soon as you step in, Tintin is there, arm extended behind him and welcoming you in. The Tintin Shop is an awesome place of adventure, packed with plenty of gifts, merchandise and every single Tintin comic book I've ever had my little paws on since a child. Restraining myself from purchasing three different comics, keychains, postcards and a Tintin bag to put them in was difficult. I did however come away with one keychain... My wallet barely got out of the little store on Pagoda Street unscathed. 

The Tintin books are the main attraction. Hardcover editions, special collector's editions and illustration books like the shelves. For those that perhaps aren't as big a fan, they'll find coffee cups, posters and stuffed Snowy plushes to keep them happy (and to some Snowy might just be a cute stuffed dog, but we know he's much more than that!). Serious Tintin lovers can purchase figurines that cost far more than I would have imagined, but hey - I did just purchase a Sailormoon figurine that sits on my desk so I guess I can't talk. The items on sale and on offer rotate through different seasons in the store but one thing is for sure, there's no leaving the store without buying at least something.