Exploring Singapore: Chinatown

A pocket full of colour and culture in Singapore is it's historic Chinatown. A busy mix of old and new, the modern city architecture is juxtaposed against that of Chinatown. Traditional stores and markets are cramped door to door, next to modern shops in cramped alleys and chaotic streets. 

Although some aspects are so obviously targeted at tourists,  walking past the stalls you can still obtain that traditional feel of the Old Town. For many locals it's still a place to visit to buy their wares, traditional Chinese medicine, dragon puppets, chopsticks and vases. For tourists it's a fantastic insightful walking and shopping experience, where they can purchase shirts, shoes, fans, teapots and key chains.  

Market stalls line Sago, Pagoda and Trengganu streets, offering a selection of souvenirs and collectables. Visiting during Chinese New Year makes it all the more fun, with dragon dances and martial arts displays. While visiting you can't go past having a fruit ice lolly or visiting the Chinatown Food Street full of hawker stalls, restaurants and kiosks along Smith Street for local delights. 

You can visit a few temples if you're in the area too. The Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore and dates back to 1827, ornate with colourful deities and mythological beasts. The Buddha Tooth Relic is also worth a visit with its rich and red decor. If you're looking for a temple of a different kind - The Tintin Shop is also located in Chinatown.