Summer Harvest

Skipping over the blurb I usually do and getting straight to it, I love this place and am completely okay with driving twenty-five minutes to Harvest for breakfast or lunch or both. Harvest Espresso is perhaps my favourite place for food and tea in Victoria Park and I'm not the only one who would also attest to that.

The atmosphere is natural and homely, giving off a slightly stripped back cabin cafe-esque vibe. You can choose to eat raw foods too if you really wanted. But let's be real here, why would you when you could eat their warm banana loaf or dive into a plate of their almond croissants? I wouldn't.

You can't go wrong at Harvest. Every season there are new delights to be had, new tastebuds to be tantilised and new photos to be grammed. Apart from the beautiful presentation and plating of the food, I am always drawn to their delicious and wholesome matcha lattes. Good matcha lattes are few and far between in Perth and for me, Harvest is the frontrunner.

The only question I have to know is if the lovely staff and cafe owners are going to work in their best sellers into next year's seasonal menus... Let's hope so!

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