Other than migrating from bed to couch to bed in the house for nana naps I somehow managed to convince a friend to meet me for an early breakfast and a cup of coffee. Okay, perhaps I begged her and said I would drive us to work. Convince, beg, same difference.

Having already visited Hylin on the way to work earlier in the week, I had a feeling I had to re-visit and this time with company. I had stowed away three delicious doughnut balls, two filled to the brim with creamy caramel and another with red fruits. Doughnuts which were later eyed eagerly by fellow colleagues at work. Let's just say hands were slapped and people were stared down. They were deliriously yummy, gone in two mouthfuls... although I am guilty of popping one straight into my mouth in one fell swoop.

Azra joined me for breakfast and we ended up ordering the same museli. It was good, not anything I couldn't make at home if it weren't for my laziness and inability to concoct good museli mixes (but hah! Now I know what to add to mine after having eaten Hylin's). It seemed to be a standard museli mix with yoghurt at first but I then found peanuts, yummy medjool dates and coconut, a good mix.

You may be familiar with the wall art, it has after all, been featured in many Instagram feeds of late. The rest of the cafe has been slightly neglected in photographs. Although sadly this is the case because the wall art is just so damn photogenic. The kitchen is busy, a flurry of flames and dishes in and out, the baristas busy steaming milk for countless coffees and the rest of the cafe and its customers left to their own devices. Mixes of small tables for two, long tables for big groups and another longer somewhat more communal table closer to the kitchen... there's plenty of space, if you come at the right time.

Unsurprisingly Friday mornings are jam packed full of people hoping to kick off the weekend early. If you're like me, you may funnily enough, even bump into your boss taking a quick pit stop for some good coffee before a grueling day. There's no lack of natural light in Hylin, no lack of baked goods and no lack of coffee. There is a lack of street parking so when hunting a prime spot, beware of the parking signs.

Hylin opened its doors not too long ago and has already established itself as a go-to destination for coffee and breakfast. Its white walls and complimentary blue hues make for a great spot filled with natural light and lovely service, Hylin will prove to be the height of your day.


178 Railway Parade, West Leederville

Opening Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 6.30am - 3.00pm

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