Some people like to watch movies at a heavy curtained cinema, others like to watch them outside with the city lights battling for attention in the background.

I'm glad that Rooftop Movies are back and with a bang - it's one of the better places to spend your summer's night. Atop the unsuspecting Roe Street Carpark, scattered pink plastic flamingos, blue beanbags, caravans and deck chairs await you.

Currently in its fourth year of screening, Rooftop Movies has cemented itself as a prime outdoor cinema experience. Many a balmy night are spent on the pop-up movie theatre, with pizza, live entertainment and candy to match. Elevator doors open to the 6th floor at 6pm sharp - just in time for movie-goers to grab a bite to eat and watch the sunset lay a day's rest over the all too familiar but ever changing skyline.

The Rooftop program for this year is a mix and perfect match of oldies (but goodies) and new releases. You can find yourself scrambling for tickets online for anything from Casablanca to Zoolander (there's got to be more to life than being really, really, really ... ridiculously good looking!), covering shows for all ages - ones for kids, teens and everyone else. The movies don't discriminate genres either. Be prepared for action, rom-coms, drama, thrillers, horror, comedies, animations, documentary and maybe even a mockumentary about vampires living in New Zealand.

The photos pictured were taken at the showing of What we do in the shadows, accompanied with chalkboard artwork from my very talented friend (who is mentioned way too many times on my blog to be honest and I should be receiving some sort of percent for this) Matthew of


. It had been raining the night before attending and so his chalk board works of art are somewhat stained by the raindrops but I guess for this particular movie, it fit the picture!

Rooftop Movies are a great time - just be prepared for a backlog of cars and people trying to get out of the carpark on certain nights. Maybe go for a bite to eat after to skip the crowds out! Rooftop runs every Tuesday - Sunday up until February next year so be sure to check out the


for the films showing for the remaining part of 2014.