Open House

The best and worst thing about venturing into other people's homes is that you get to go inside their homes. You're either admiring their interior designs or weeping because it's all too beautiful. However, I like to think I'm wandering around people's homes, peering at snippets of their life, seeing how they live, what enthuses them and what inspires them.

And it all inspires me. The fact that people's homes are always so different reflects how people use their environments, in this case, homes as forms of expression and an extension of themselves. Just this thought alone provides me with satisfaction in knowing I can slowly and surely curate the best reflection of me in my future home. I think what I found the most confronting about how these particular architects showcased and designed their homes, is that they did it purely for themselves and you can see what kind of people they are. They aren't afraid to express it and revel in it.

One of the things I love most is that you can take these ideas from real life and apply your own flair to them, you could, for lack of a better phrase, build upon their homes with your new found inspiration. Who would have thought that this tidy loft house would have such a minimalist and decked out kitchen but a natural and comfort-living inspired lounge? A quick snoop in the pantry tells me that the owner loves a certain type of bread but doesn't bake as much as they want to.

Characteristics aren't entirely limited to architect homes however. Open House Perth is a weekend held once a year for those wanting to slip into the lives of others and those who wish to familarise themselves with the walls of the buildings that we too often walk past but never venture inside of. These homes and buildings couldn't wait to tell their secrets to strangers.