I had forgotten just how great ricotta tastes. Ricotta on french toast with blueberries and maple syrup is another story.

My darling Laith who I regard as a brother, and who sees himself as the "beloved future uncle" of my future children (whom he will spoil and shower with affection in order to win their love, as he has told me previously on countless occasions) organised a breakfast with Annie and Matthew in a loved spot of mine in East Perth.

Toast. And yes. They do serve toast. Toast is always busy and for good reason - the beautiful waterfront view of the oddly but somehow complimentary coloured homes lined side by side, is well sought after and a short walk in the park and over the bridge isn't a bad idea to fathom after filling your stomachs either.

Toast is a mellow and ambient eatery. Cosy, unpretentious with good food for breakfast and lunch, accompanied with friendly and accomodating staff, Toast is a wonderful pick for a Saturday morning catch up session with close friends. I am not going to lie, previously I have spent two or more lazy hours sitting around at Toast reading a good book, nestled in the comfy seats with a mug of rhubarb compote and cream and other times I would be spending a good twenty minutes to half an hour just waiting for a table during its busy breakfast and brunch hours. However people don't mind waiting for a table and with good reason.

60 Royal Street, East Perth

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 7am - 7pm