Mary Street Bakery

What a day Saturday was! It had been raining all morning but for the time Matthew and I went out for breakfast it had cleared up and we continued on to Mary Street Bakery as planned for breakfast. An early start, we got there just before 9am (we had anticipated that it would be difficult to find parking, especially that around Beaufort Street on a weekend) and ventured onto Mary Street.

I woudn't say the food was write-home-about sort of food, indeed it was good and I enjoyed it all the same but my gingerbread was a bit hard and no amount of strawberry syrup could soak into it to soften it. I had the gingerbread with mascarpone, strawberries, banana and pistachios, accompanied with a cappuccino. I do have to say though, their mascarpone has now ignited a ridiculous mascarpone infatuation in me.

After a recommendation from Htet and obvious oogling at his amazing pictures on his instagram, Matthew dived into the fried chicken pancakes. They were an odd but delicious mix of sweet and crispy which he devoured after barely waiting for me to take photos. Thinking back on it now it was consumed a bit too early in the morning - especially where concerned with deep fried food for breakfast!

Nonetheless the staff are fun, friendly and even ease into teasing you about your camera and blogging habits as you go about the bakery taking photos like I did, after a few short seconds after saying hi. It gets very, very busy a bit after 9.30 so just beware you may find yourself taking something to go or waiting a while. Ensure you're not waiting on a rainy, thundery day like the one we went out in!

We enjoyed watching the lighting storm crashing outside from the cosiness of our window table. There's nothing nicer than being inside, served warm cups of coffee while the sound of rain pouring down is drowned out by the interesting topics of conversation had on either side of us. The decor inside also sets the mood, fresh and somewhat industrial, the bakery's counter at the same time had a knack of reminding me of various chopping boards I have used and discarded in my life - those mismatched blocks of brown wood. I myself am instantaneously attracted to all types of browns, whites and greens (the colour scheme of my future kitchen).

Mary Street Bakery is a new addition to Beaufort Street's collection of eateries and it's in such a great spot and so very popular. Mary Street provides a mixed brunch/lunch menu and a whole heap of sweet treats at the counter you can scoop up and take away with you. It's quite easy to forget that it's not just a place to eat but also a bakery as well. One friend of mine was even given some "end of day" doughnuts which he graciously accepted for free and he claims they still tasted incredibly amazing, although it may have been the fact that free food is always good food, resulting in a sway in judgement.

The rest of our time on Saturday was spent doing bits and bobs, picking up a print of one of

Matthew's artworks

that was being showcased in Melbourne by Double Bump, and later following a quick trip to Addison and Steele as we were in the area. Of course that only happened after a complete drenching of ourselves in rain on the way from Mary Street to the car while the wind tried its very best to turn our umbrella inside out. I even lost a shoe in a puddle on the way and regretted my choice of footwear immediately.

The shoe was saved and we later drove back to my place for shelter from the elements and a few episodes of Seinfeld.


507 Beaufort Street, Highgate

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday: 7am - 3pm

Saturday - Sunday: 7am - 5pm

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