Low Key Chow House

Low Key Chow House is a new eatery in Leederville, a few doors down from 50ml and smack bang in the middle of the food strip along Oxford Street. It's completely unsuspecting from the outside, marked by an "Open" sign with mahjong pieces and a good luck charm.

The restaurant isn't as quiet as it looks in the photos above, it was actually really buzzing when Matthew and I got there although we had missed the lunch crowd at about 1.30 in the afternoon. We also hung about for so long that we were the last customers there, which was okay for me since it gave me free reign to take whatever photographs I wanted, with the permission of the manager of course.

The stripped back walls and floorboards bode well with the new and refined china, tables and wine glasses. The menu is a fun reflection of the attitude of the guys serving the food and the chow house itself. Famous lines from famous kung fu movies are coupled with cool Asian gangsters - icons from all sorts of Asian countries and dishes that go hand in hand with them.

I would suggest between two people, two or three shares and a main with dessert, or four or five shares and dessert, whichever dessert that is you choose. Matthew and I couldn't do that so we went with "3rd Base" which was probably the best idea and we got to sample three out of the four desserts on offer. All of which were delicious. However a head's up with the fried ice cream, that thing is messy! Gula melaka with sago, 5 spice sticky date pudding and salted caramel fried ice cream made 3rd Base.

As it was Matthew's birthday lunch (Happy 21st ya buttface) he chose the main and we both agreed steadfastly on our shares. You would be out of your mind if you gave the Mantou buns - candied caramel pork belly in the most beautiful steamed bun I've ever had, a miss. When you have it you'll know what I mean. We also had the Sangyeopsal and Ssamyang (you can tell it's Korean influenced) with pork belly yet again, lettuce cups, spicy dipping sauce and pickled celery. Although fried rice is an obvious and seemingly ordinary pick it was far from it, but beware of chilli!

Ever since my visit I've been dreaming about those pork mantou buns and I know there's not much stopping me from waltzing right back in for more.


140 Oxford Street, Leederville

Opening Hours:

Wednesday - Sunday: 5.30pm - 10pm

Friday - Saturday: 12pm - 10pm

Sunday: 12pm - 10pm

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