Bread in Common

Bread in Common has been on my to visit list for a while now. It is completely unsuspecting from the outside, marked by two lemon trees and a chalk board. Just in the entrance on your right is where their wood-fired bread, other take away goodies and coffee are awaiting your to select them and whisk them out of the kitchen. 

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was just how big, warm and homely it felt. It was an eclectic mix of cabin and cottage style decor with a rustic warehouse look. It's unpretentious and welcomes locally sourced home made produce. It's also spacious and there's no butt to table or accidental bumping of arms as you get to your seat. The juices and drinks (apart from the coffee of course) bar is situated on the far left of the restaurant, wines and spirits lining the shelves behind it. To my delight I found tubs of fresh fruit for juicing just to the side of the counter whilst scoping out the place as Jason waited for our desserts to arrive. 

I absolutely love how the dining area is like a big dining room and it feels a bit like a large open kitchen. The light fittings are strewn above two long tables which resemble large communal dining tables. You could essentially be seated next to strangers but still be united over the love for good food. Bread is freshly made on the premises (I even saw them wheeling a huge cart of sour dough from the bakery at the back to the front of the restaurant) and if you fancy a spread to accompany your loaf, Bread and Common has that covered.

We chose to share three plates between ourselves and a dessert each which of course we also shared. Bread is unlimited but you have to start off with two pieces first, and whatever spreads and sides you like. You should try the sweet potato spread it's yum! Also, the lamb is incredible. The meat is fresh, moist and has glides off the bone with ease and the black garlic is something else. Having mint sauce with lamb brings back memories of summer and winter meals at home and is something I haven't had with lamb in so long. The snapper with cauliflower, sunflower seeds and goji berries was delicious and I loved how fresh it was. Jason chose the venison sausage and it was not what you would initially expect. 

My beetroot, apple, orange and ginger juice lasted from our first dish straight through to dessert, which was aerated chocolate with friand, almond, mint and raspberry. We also had the banana, meringue, rosemary, marshmallow and caramel with icecream and I'm not usually the one who likes marshmallow but it was the exception. However if you do select this dessert, you'll have to eat the lemon and lime dollops with something super sweet like the meringue as it does get a tad sour. 

The menus change with the seasons and what local produce is available and so I am excited to see what kind of hearty, home-inspired food at restaurant quality they have in store. 


43 Pakenham Street, Fremantle

Opening Hours:

Monday - Thursday 10am - 10pm

Friday 10am - late

Saturday 9am - late

Sunday 9am - 10pm