The George

I'm glad that Meng and I share the same food values - that food should be shared and accompanied with conversation, even if that conversation includes discussing how to hide oily hair on days you're just not bothered.

It was raining, the weather was gloomy and I had plans to curl up and watch Seinfeld re-runs. Those plans were dashed when Meng called for an impromptu food date. She was restless and excited that her final exam was done and we had been trying desperately to find some time to see each other before she jetted off to Sydney, Melbourne and then Brisbane for a few weeks so we said why the heck not get food now and we did. To be honest her craving for a food platter was what made the decision as to where we would go and when and after her nap, we met at The George.

We ordered the platter and the Chocolate Fondant and the pannacotta just because fairly floss. Well it turns out the fairly floss wasn't quite how we thought - for us we thought we'd be getting our hands on the show ground cotton candy, but instead it was infused and tasted like a sweet and strong smelling perfume and so had to be eaten with a spoonful of pannacotta.

The chocolate fondant was nice but we were both glad we could just take some of the left over raspberry syrup from the pannacotta plate and eat that with the chocolate because it was so rich and filling and we barely even finished it then. Mind you we thought we could tackle one platter which is meant to be shared with three people so I guess we brought it on ourselves.

I loved that we could just pick off random bits from the platter, potato croquette in hand as Meng tried to persuade me to fly over to China with her when she does her 6 months of student exchange, with "It'll be fun!" Haha and maybe I will. We'll see.


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