Architects and Heroes

Architects was a cafe I felt I needed to visit with Matthew as it's just up his ally. Adventure Time? Adventure Time as part of a Perth Cafe's interior? He's there. On the walls are some great illustrations and designs (minus the incorrectly drawn snail from Adventure Time but we can overlook that) and the cafe itself is interesting and heralds yummy food, lovely staff and even sparkling water on tap!

Being nooblets we weren't sure if we had to wait outside for a table, give our name or stare into the back of unsuspecting diner's heads in the hopes of getting a table, but luckily a few minutes after we had arrived, a couple had finished and told us we could have their table. Perhaps we looked incredibly lost and they took pity on us but either way we had gotten ourselves a table.

There are baked goodies on the counter just near the entrance, a mix of peanut butter cupcakes, almond and orange gluten free slice to name a few. You can pick up a treat to take away with you in one hand and a warm and damn fine coffee in the other and you'd be good to go in this winter weather. There are window seats for those that like to people watch and for others, tables on the right of the cafe. The baristas weave their magic to your left and also in an area just at the back of the cafe which is stock piled with teapots and other brewing necessities.

I was itching for something sweet and picked the brioche french toast with apple and rhubarb compote, honeycomb parfait and vanilla labne. For those that didn't know, vanilla labne is a specially strained yoghurt. The dish was a wonderful combination of textures and mixes of sweet and tangy (courtesy of the rhubarb). I really loved the honeycomb and saved a bit of that for last.

Matthew ordered a savoury dish with saurkraut, chorizo, tomato, rosemary, spinach, balsamic vinegar - I can't quite remember what else, I was too busy chowing down on my own brunch. If I ask him I know he'll say "I don't remember, all I remember was deliciousness!" so I guess you'd all just have to go down to Subiaco and try it out for yourself.

Opening Hours:

Monday - Saturday 6.30am - 6.30pm

Sunday Closed


Shop 25, 17-31 Rokeby Road, Subiaco