Located in East Perth, DuoTone is a short walk from the Perth Mint. With clean white walls, wooden details and pops of yellow, it's easily a picturesque scene by which to comfortably sip your coffee. Window seats allow for people watching, or you could spark up conversation at the communal table with a stranger over tea.

Duotone very much reminds of a western take on Cafe Kitsune - a reminder of which may be a result of similarity in fonts used, however the clear lines and minimalistic feel further contributes to this. Unfortunately for workers situated outside of East Perth, a trip to Duotone can only be made on the weekdays as they do not open on weekends. 

In the display box near the counter is an assortment of pastry staples, croissants, buns and biscuits. The real star is the breakfast menu. The breakfast menu has options like buckwheat hotcakes, Morrocan baked eggs, and mushroom bruschetta and with an amazing drinks menu, you'll find yourself struggling to decide whether or not you want the tumeric latte, chai latte, matcha latte or hot chocolate latte. There are plenty of reasons as to why you should try them all, the only limitation being stomach room!

The house blend is from ZEST Specialty coffee roasters in Melbourne, and with cold pressed juices made fresh in store you'll be keen to refresh in the summer months. Raw and vegan options are in abundance here too, with vegan cocoa slice and paleo banana bread to name a few. 

The Sweet Potato stack was crispy, layered with slices of bacon, avocado, rocket and topped off with a poached egg. I admit that the Sweet Potato Stack was a little dry due to the thin strands of sweet potato which lost a bit of the moorish element that sweet potatoes are known for.

Once the oozing poached egg had been lapped up, there was little to break up the strong flavours. The plate would be better enhanced with a refreshing and sweet and citrus-y undertone which would have made it a bit more enticing. On the other hand the Mushroom Bruschetta was a soft and crunchy treat with sweet and tangy balsamic that broke up the earthiness of the mushrooms and bitterness of the rocket which made for a very balanced dish.

Sweet potato stack

Sweet potato stack

Duotone embodies several elements that are rare to find in Perth - tumeric lattes for example. It not only acts a good spot for a quick cup of coffee but it doubles as a perfect place for longer brunch sessions during the weekdays. 

With its bright, airy interior and friendly service, it's no wonder people go out of their way for a visit to this East Perth cafe.