How to eat your way through Melbourne

It is incredibly tough not to abandon all sense when it comes to eating in Melbourne. Self restraint goes out the door, hand in hand with whatever was left of your sensibility. Melbourne is full of guilty indulgence where its food culture far surpasses its drinking culture (yet it doesn't shy away from an expertly mixed cocktail or a delicious mulled wine). Here's a few suggestions on how to eat your way through Melbourne. Don't hold the sauce and remember, wear loose pants. 

Dinner: Tonka


Another from the Adam D'Sylva Empire, Tonka presents upmarket Indian food with a contemporary twist. If you cannot find a seat at the back of the restaurant, perch yourself at the bar Thali where you can enjoy an extensive cocktail list and divulge in smaller and bigger plates consisting of tuna tartare and classic butter chicken.


Dessert: Coda

Asian and French inspired cuisine are the keywords at Coda. Must try sweet plates include the Toasted meringue with vanilla sponge, young coconut, roasted banana and yuzu. Don't forget to ask what other specials are not listed on the menu, as you may find yourself having the additional option of a perfectly made fig souffle. 

Early morning snack (Plan A): Lune Croissanterie

Early bird gets the buttery, flakey croissant. I mean it. These croissants are elusive, baked fresh and rested and overnight. They are no longer supplied to cafes around town as they have their own warehouse/bakery in Fitzroy with lines billowing out the door. Everyone wants a bite of Paris and Lune offers that in exchange for a weekend sleep in.

Breakfast: Industry Beans

Mid-morning take away (Plan B): Rustica Sourdough

If Lune Croissants falls through, Plan B in Fitzroy is Rustica Sourdough. Rustica Sourdough supports sustainable farming and employs local produce in all the deliciousness they make and bake.

Few places offer coffee caviar with brioche and pineapple. The same can be said about pea pannacotta. As a warehouse that roasts its own coffee, it comes as no surprise that their signature blends are paired perfectly with their breakfast options. The coffee is seriously top notch, brewed with love and perfection from their invested experts.

Lunch and : Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

You would think that no further words need to explain the genius and ingenuity of Heston Blumenthal - and that's correct. You merely need to taste his food. Take the opportunity and dive in. 

Dessert: Adrianno Zumbo - Fancy Nance

Dessert degustations are an experience in themselves, particularly when they're curated by Adrianno Zumbo. A complete dessert magician, he can incorporate the strangest of ingredients together and make them work. Potato puree with blueberries for example, are a strange but somehow suitable combination. The lemon meringue pie was a definite favourite with just the right amount of stickiness, tartness and sweetness.

Dinner: Mamak

Pass me another satay stick please. Although not a roadside stall, Mamak on Londsdale Street is an eatery that doesn't beat around the bush and offers street side dishes. You're in for some spice or you're out.

Brunch: Top Paddock

Most places only give you one poached egg per dish, but Top Paddock gives you two, beautiful eggs and a gorgeous setting by which to enjoy them. The food is delicious and breaks away from conventional breakfast ingredients, offering roasted pork and crackling for breakfast and thinly sliced potato stacks. Don't even get me talking about the breakfast hot cake which is by far the most colourful breakfast I've ever laid eyes on.

Pit Stop: Short Stop Coffee and Donuts

Donuts, glorious donuts. You can watch them be prepared fresh for you through viewing glass or you can attempt to stop the salivation as you peer through the bay-maries. Each day the donuts on offer change, but the quality and taste remains the same. Make Short Stop a Pit-Stop.