Breakfast in Perth, an Illustrative Guide

Gone are the weekends that begin with the sound of cornflakes falling into a bowl. When appetites in Perth began to expand outside the adventurous 'big breakfast' consisting of sausage, bacon and eggs - so too did the breakfast choices. We've moved away from the likes of burnt toast, haphazardly spread marmalade and butter that we never quite lathered to the corners. The past few years have shown a shift from cardboard cornflakes and splashes of milk towards over-the-top pancake stacks and eating real food for breakfast.

It turns out that breakfast is not only functionally important, but also because it presents yet another opportunity to catch up with friends and family, go outside and do a little less. Dessert for breakfast is not uncommon, with plenty of flexible food choices falling into both categories for experimentation. We can rest assured that Perth has some options to thoroughly indulge in on the weekend. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and these choices should be taken seriously. 


French Toast. A seemingly obvious choice for breakfast but one that is not commonly found on menus. tbsp. does a good job in ensuring their bread is not soggy and that their toast is adequately dressed with fresh berries and whipped honey butter. What is great about this dish is that the butter doesn't completely melt away and you still have a little extra to slather on your bottom slice. 

Chu Bakery

Beginning the weekend with a coffee in one hand and a Chu Puff in the other is something many people of Perth have turned into a ritual. When the food in question is as pretty as it is satisfying, it is hard to pass by this corner bakery without peering into its cabinet display of temptations. The profiterole is light and although the cream appears dense, the consistency is just right - holding its own but smoothly melting away once bitten to reveal a sweet jelly. 

Flora and Fauna

Brightening the plates and tables of fruit and flower lovers alike, Flora and Fauna's most popular and photogenic dish is the Chia Bowl. The toppings vary depending on seasonal fruit but promises to be fresh and filling. It also makes you feel like you've been really good and super healthy, so I suppose you can reward yourself with an indulgent treat later. That's how it works, right?

Pixel Coffee Brewers

Breakfast isn't quite complete without an appropriate cup of coffee. It is at Pixel that your latte art is taken to a whole new level by their baristas (special mention to 72Transformations). Say goodbye to the seemingly boring flat white and say hello to latte art so Instagramable that you think it should be in international latte art competitions. They also serve up a balanced cup of coffee, with beans from Ethiopia, Columbia and Costa Rica.

Piccolo's Corner

Forget the smashed avo (although it is also offered at Piccolo's) and go for the smashed pumpkin. A poached egg sits on top like the proverbial cherry on the cake. The egg is glossy, pristine and once split to allow the yolk to seep onto the plate, it is done perfectly almost every time. The smashed pumpkin shouldn't be overlooked as the pumpkin itself is a comforting and versatile vegetable and is honoured in this simple but tasty smash.

Mrs. S

There is a reason why the Manwhich has been on the menu at Mrs.S for more than five years now - it's a winner. There are no complaints of beetroot relish staining lips or fingers as the combination of flavours within the sandwich lend nicely to the pulled pork. The ciabatta roll is lathered in aioli, cucumber and greens are added in for good measure to break up the soft and tasty pork and to tone down the awesome jolt of flavour from the beetroot between the wedges of bread. The only challenge is being okay with not sharing. 

Harvest Espresso

What did matcha lovers do in Perth before matcha lattes were on menus? They either held out for somewhat mediocre green tea lattes from Starbucks in a city other than Perth - or they did what I did (and still do) and went to the Asian grocery to purchase matcha powder and make their own. Harvest Espresso was among some of the first cafes to offer the matcha latte to avid green tea fans, providing their customers with a smooth and creamy cup of astringent antioxidants. What's more is the large comes in a decent sized mug you can wrap your cold hands around come winter time. It's still a favourite place in Perth to grab a matcha latte.

This will be a continuously updated post. I hope you have enjoyed it so far! All illustrations by me.