Mile End Glamping

While those in Europe may have the opportunity of hopping onto a train to find themselves in a completely different country, for those who live in Western Australia it's a little harder to do so. It is far more common to hop into the car and prepare for a three hour drive to the South West, where wine, cheese and the countryside is in abundance. 

Deciding to spend a short weekend away in the Margaret River Wine Region, Yallingup or Dunsborough is not unusual and with many people flocking there whenever a public holiday surfaces. Back when the weather was better, Jason and I decided to go somewhere a little bit different. Usually we would rent a beach house or a holiday home, but when it was just the two of us, we opted for something else. Through my web wanderings I came across Mile End Glamping, a glamourous and unique camp perfect for two in Yelverton.

These beautiful domes elevated from the floor are lovingly furnished, complete with a full kitchen (including a dishwasher), bed, washing machine, bathroom, toilet and even a spa on the deck outside. Beach and sea influences come together in a mellow way, blending perfectly against the country setting. 

The domes were warmed naturally by sunlight and the temperature itself was regulated nicely from within the dome. There is of course even an air-conditioner to use if required. As the sun rises so will you, as the light will gently edge you awake. Once you're awake and drag yourself off your marshmallow of a bed, it is hard to ignore the sound of leaves rustling and birds calling you to explore. 

When getting ready you'll find fluffy white towels and robes. All that's left is deciding where to go ... but of course the lovely duo at Mile End Glamping are well prepared, with a little list of recommendations for your perusing on the table. We usually went out for lunch and spent the evening enjoying each other's company, cooking dinner on the barbecue with local produce and eating inside. Lamb, seared peach slices and buttered corn was on the menu. We finally popped opened the Cane Cut from Xanadu we had purchased back in 2012 too.

The kitchen itself was fully equipped with an induction cooker and all of the pots and pans required. Dishes were placed in the dishwasher every night and the fridge and freezer kept our cheese purchases from the Margaret River Cheese Factory fresh and cold for the trip back to Perth.

Evenings were a sweet reprieve. The sun set over the trees and cast beautiful purple hues through the windows. The dome itself glowed from the inside out.

Sunlight streamed through the small circular windows at all times of day and the large windows were perfectly situated to watch the sun set over the trees in the evening. The dome and large windows were a brilliant way of actually forcing you to enjoy and observe nature and have a much needed digital detox. Some nights we sat and watched the sun set from the deck or read books in the spa. Granted there was a television and good reception - it was still the perfect way to unplug. 

There are two domes on the land, both reasonably sound proof and very, very rain proof. The domes were perfectly situated from key attractions, wineries, beaches and lunch bars. Don't forget to take a peek at the coast, breathe in the salty sea air or connect with the West Australian countryside. One thing to note is the stone and red dirt road, be prepared to get your tyres and wheels dirty. It's an easy sacrifice for solitude.

I highly recommend a short term stay at Mile End Glamping, if not for the beautifully unique dome structures or well thought out and provisioned ammenities, then simply for the views and opportunity to reconnect in comfort.