The Giants - Perth International Arts Festival 2015

Perth International Arts Festival brings around an assortment of delights each year that are to be marvelled, thought about and enjoyed. The Giants were brought to Perth to celebrate the one hundred year anniversary of ANZAC, by a French street theatre company called Royal De Luxe, which was founded in Paris in 1979.

The Giants consisted of the Little Girl Giant and the Diver Giant, who walked rampant throughout the city and wider central business district in search of each other. Located on opposite sides of the city, the pair followed a path and a story to be reunited. The Little Girl Giant falls from the sky into a Noongar community and some years after comes across a book about a girl in a lighthouse seeing people off to Gallipoli. It is then that she realises she needs to find the Diver Giant, a lone Australian who served with soldiers on the front, and welcome him home.

The Lilliputins (puppet masters) moved the Diver and Little Girl with extreme skill and strength and it was no wonder that crowds flocked to catch a glimpse of this once in a life time spectacle. Dancers and drummers helped the Lilliputins move in time, as they moved the girl throughout the streets. The Diver Giant and the Little Girl finally reunited at Langley Park on the last day and marked an amazing introduction to the Perth International Arts Festival. 

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