Akira Isogawa - TPFF 2015

I almost feel as though Akira Isogawa's work needs no explanation as they speak for themselves. There is so much brevity in his experimental, contemporary designs that require nothing more than appreciation. For many, his designs evoked an almost spiritual zen - an atmosphere and calm that emanated from the TPFF catwalk last Saturday night. Models stepped slowly across the catwalk to calm melodies while leaves gently fell on a screen behind them. Apart from the music and the sounds of cameras, Fashion Paramount was quiet, with members of the audience captivated and engrossed in the display of craftsmanship before them. 

Akira is innovative, cheeky and masterful. His designs possess elements of both the modern and traditional and with that it is no surprise his collection is influenced by his Japanese heritage. The designs themselves are stunning in real life, the models were adorned in ruffles, silks and embroidered flowers. All wore sneakers. 

The models walked out balancing floral head pieces and others wearing glasses made of orchids, adorned in a beautiful collection that spoke innovation and simplicity. Red was a prominent feature and although poignant, did not overshadow other subdued colours. Textures and materials were layered and otherwise seemingly strong colours blended beautifully - reminiscent of kimono. The garments were broken up with finer details of embroidered flowers and stitching. 

Akira's masterful collection was one that captivated the audience and will no doubt transgress to those who visit his collection in Claremont Quarter. There was so much fluidity in his collection and would not cease to inspire others, particularly across a spectrum of other personal styles and tastes. A magical night that was much talked about once closing.