0fr. Librairie, galerie

ofr paris libarie bookstore outside window shopfront

You know when you just stumble across a bookstore that embodies everything you love about pages and books and culture and art? 0fr. is that bookstore. And I was smitten. It's one that focuses on the haphazard placing of stories where you must climb over piles of hardbacks and carefully step over magazines to experience fresh worldly encounters with new friends and foe that belong in the well written pages. 

It is an independent bookstore for those in love with illustrators and story-tellers. You can pick up a couple of underground magazines and trendy flick books, not before admiring their changing art gallery through the corridor. Visit during a book signing or a miniature film screening if you so please, or just peruse the countless books stacked upon books. A bookworm's cocoon. 

Square du Temple
3 rue Paul Dubois
75003, Paris