To bao or not to bao - The Don Burgers

I am wondering when The Don Burgers will transition from a popup stall to a more permanent location as this small burger ramen joint has risen in popularity and demand. Steamed buns have risen in popularity too, not only in Perth but also globally. May has recently commented on this bao phenomenon occurring in London also.

After having scoffed down our burgers, Wendy and I posed the most important question of all time - one of which I know throughout Shakespeare's idiosyncratic playwriting days, wanted to really write about... to bao or not to bao. 

We bowed to the pressure and bao'd. Opting for the tasting platter of three bao for $15, we were met with fluffy steamed buns. Two of which were not the most conventional bao and one was rather a play on words - san choy bao in a bao. 

The soft bun contrasted well with the crisp fried chicken and yuzu mayonnaise however it was missing a bit of that kick that is often associated with katsu chicken. I think this bao could be well improved with a bit of spice. Nonetheless it was still tasty. 

The second bao was a mix of melt in your mouth fatty pork and lettuce but as Wendy mentioned, a little coriander to provide some freshness would have given this bao another dimension of flavour. I would have to say though, it was my favourite bao of the three. 

San choy bao. Good pun in a bun but just missed the mark. Flavours were indeed reminiscent of the original but again, was lacking a punch - maybe some chilli would have done the trick. Uncertain if we perhaps have de-sensitised tastebuds but there is really only one way to find out - go and visit! And then try their burgers and green tea mille crepe. 

1 Leonard Street, Victoria Park
Opening hours:
Wednesday: 5pm - 9pm
Thursday and Friday: 5pm - 9pm, 12am - 3am

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