Chu Bakery

chu bakery perth iamsuanlee interior

There has been excitement and hype around the opening of Chu Bakery on Instagram for quite some time. Well located across from the beautiful Hyde Park on William Street is Chu Bakery. Specialising in coffee, tarts, dacquoise, bread and choux pastry, the bakery is a fresh and long awaited addition to Highgate. 

What I love about this bakery is the warmth in its interior and the exciting and delicate pastries and breads on offer. It also gives you the opportunity to grab a coffee to go, a delicious croissant and have breakfast at Hyde Park just across the road.

A key standout includes the frangipane almond croissant ($5.20) with its flakey and crispy double baked pastry. Topped with flaked almonds and I am assuming dipped in sugar syrup, the textures and sweetness make this an instant favourite. Even more so than the kaya croissant.

Getting choux pastry right is not an easy task but Chu Bakery have it under their belt. The matcha choux puff ($4.50) was an array of textures and creaminess, with a hidden surprise jelly filling covered in cream. The procciuto, pear and brie toast was also a standout - mixing the crisp and fresh flavours of pears with comforting brie cheese on a warm slice of chewy bread is an awesome idea, something we didn't know was on offer until reading the menu below the coffee available.

The bakery was busy - with bread being made in house and a queue lining out the door. Coffee to go is passed through windows while you sit outside and enjoy watching everyone and their dogs venture into the bakery. A breakfast that consists of good coffee and pastries is one that should be had more often. I look forward to seeing what other treats this family run bakery have to offer Perth.

If you want to know more about the coffee - head over to Perth Coffee Project where they have written up an in-depth article on the coffee on offer at Chu Bakery. 

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