Gardens by the Bay: Supertree Grove

Magical and surreal. The Supertree grove looks like it's been stolen from the set of the Avatar movie and placed by a bay in Singapore. Its mix of urbanization and Mother Nature is what truly captures visitors. The strong and simplistic architecture is combined with foliage and creeping vines. Oddly enough they seem fragile in comparison, yet find no difficulty in climbing up some of the 16 storey Supertrees and nestling themselves there. The manmade trees are also environmentally friendly, with sustainable photo-valic cells harvesting solar energy. 

There are 18 Supertrees in total, scattered around Bay South at Gardens by the Bay. Reaching some 42 metres in height, a 128 metre long suspended walkway connects two trees, enabling visitors to take in the view of the surrounds at 22 metres high. The city scape views are particularly beautiful, as is that of the sheer architectural brilliance of Marina Bay Sands.

The walkway remains open subject to weather conditions, with strong wind currents hinting at closure for obvious reasons. The walk itself is approximated to take about twenty minutes, having one tree with a lift (and stairs) directing patrons up and the other at the end of the walkway directing them down. Tickets cost $5. If you're feeling hungry you can opt to dine at the 50 metre Supertree home to a spread of restaurants and dining options.

I would suggest visiting just before sunset and staying until light becomes dark, as the trees are a sight to see in the day time, offering a tropical and stripped back feel. At night the grove comes alive in a myriad of colours and lights. Don't miss out on the opportunity to have the best of both views. Be forewarned, crowds do however accumulate in the evenings, but the view is incredibly worth it.