Good Things

Located in Mosman Park among local convenient stores in an area rarely ventured by some, is an spacious and funky cafe called Good Things where 'It's all good'. After having ordered yourself a cup of coffee (Micrology Coffee Roasters of course), you can opt for a seat on one of the side tables or choose to acquaint yourself with a stranger at the communal table that runs in the middle of the cafe. 

Apart from the options on the menu, a cabinet near the counter holds a range of different deli choices if you feel like something light and unpretentious. However, the menu has some interesting dishes with simple but effective combinations of flavour. Pictured below are the waffles ($18), stacked with saffron poached bears, berry compote, chai mascarpone, chai syrup, doc pop rocks and passionfruit dust. Lest we forget golden maple syrup. 

The pears were complemented well by the chai mascarpone, both in flavours and texture - the somewhat graininess of the poached pear was offset by the smooth mascarpone. The berry compote was tangy and gave a bit of zing to the otherwise mellow flavoured dish. What was great about the dish having ready to pour maple syrup, was that we could choose just how much syrup we wanted - and where. The mint was also a godsend as it broke up the sticky syrup and provided some much needed freshness.

Having had my first introduction to fried chicken, maple syrup and waffles at Mary Street Bakery, I was interested to know how this dish faired in comparison. Firstly, we received Southern Fried Chicken ($18) thigh which was coated in a crumbed batter resembling that of the Colonel, however was not dry and held its own. The batter was crispy and unlike at Mary's, was already drizzled with chilli butterscotch, the butterscotch of which was rich but not overbearing. You also have the option to add maple bacon. We thought it to be a bit too much and were happy with our baconless choice.

The polenta cake was surprisingly light and the balsamic mushrooms compensated an umami complexity that I found was quite stripped from the enoki being fried in tempura batter. Goat's cheese added a smooth element on the other side of the flavour spectrum and the poached egg provided colour and that typical joy of bursting open the runny yolk. I didn't mind this dish too much and Iris certainly liked it, however as with a small amount of spinach dishes, I find that spinach done in this way leaves a starchy and gritty taste in the mouth. 

The colourful plates and dishes that swing between interesting and comfort food, are more than enough reason to visit Good Things if you're in the area. The coffee is great, the cafe vibe friendly and relaxed. It's all good. 

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