Beans and Bunches - Posy Workshop

The lovely Stacey, owner of Beans and Bunches has a penchant for blooms. When she's not at her florist shop, listening to groovy tunes from her husband's record store out back, she's holding workshops. 

When I stumbled across her Posy Workshop, I knew I had to get myself a ticket. I have known Stacey for a year or so now and after she made my beautiful table bouquets for my birthday last year, I knew her workshop would be all kinds of lovely. Stacey creates some amazing bouquets for all kinds of occasions, be they for formal functions, weddings or birthdays they are not pretty bouquets to miss. 

Daphne Cafe was a beautiful and sweet smelling place to be that Sunday afternoon. Stems of ranunculus and gum sat in metal buckets on top of tables and although they weren't arranged in any particular way, looked beautiful enough as they were. It was hard to imagine that we could further perfect what was sitting in the buckets awaiting our clippers. 

As the workshop commenced, we soon found out that we could pull together these somewhat beautifully haphazard stems into a sweet posy. The workshop was a lovely and super chill way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Many of the girls dug into a crispy croissant and an amazing afternoon coffee from Daphne's, only before soon settling into stripping back leaves and figuring out just how big they wanted their posy to be.

We learnt how to strip back our stems and why it was so important to, learnt about height and how to get that nicely spiralled posy. After that, it was time to learn how to wrap it. (It's not as easy as you think!)

Beans and Bunches Workshop-4993.jpg

Incredibly talented and passionate about flowers, Stacey has a lot to teach about what is required to create the perfect posy. Influenced by natural aesthetic and organic state, Stacey utilises the local botanics and clearly defines how colour, texture and shape work in unison. Head over to her website or Facebook page if you'd like to find when her next workshop is, or visit her in store for a beautiful bouquet. Don't forget to hit up Daphne for a good cup of coffee and some sun in the summer. 

Beans and Bunches
Shop 3 Arcade, 189 William St
Northbridge WA 6003

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