Télescope Café

Since opening in 2012, Nicolas Clerc's Telescope Cafe has been pivotal in cultivating the coffee movement throughout Paris. Focus has shifted to the bean, the roasting and provision of premium speciality coffee to the city of lights and love. Food options at a cafe such as this is of course simplistic.

Where the focus is on coffee you can't expect there to be a drastic range of pastries and savouries. However what is stocked is delicious and I have no qualms in regarding the banana bread to be the best I have had, the same goes for their vanilla financier. 

Charming and refined, Telescope serves filtered coffee, noisette (espresso and a dash of cream), the trusty espresso, chocolat chaud, creme, tea and juice. Maybe it was the relaxed vibe of the 1st, the morning walk from our apartment to the stylish and comfortable setting of Telescope, or the fanciful idea that I could make this cafe my own, that made it that much more special. 

5 Rue Villedo
75001 Paris, France