Sydney Guide: Sweets

For those that need something sweet in their lives, here are some sweet treats to remember and where to get them the next time you're venturing around Sydney.

Aqua S

For soft serves as light and as fluffy as clouds, pay a visit to Aqua S. They're well known for their sea salt swirls of aqua blue and toppings of fairy floss, burnt marshmallow, popping candy and caramel popcorn. Flavours are on rotation but sea salt is their specialty.

Devon Cafe

A place where you can truly eat what would normally be a night snack, for breakfast. We're talking about the Cookies 'N Cream. It's a delicious and cinnamon based muesli cookie, topped with violets, raspberries and a strawberry and violet gel with raspberry cream. It's as sinful as it looks, but remains light and fresh.

ONE Tea Lounge & Grill

A recent addition to York Street, ONE Tea Lounge & Grill has been abuzz due to these dessert baogers, offering fillings of matcha ice-cream and black sesame in between two deep fried - deliciously soft on the inside - crispy on the outside baos. Top these off with a little miso caramel sauce and you're good to go.

Black Star Pastry

A trip to Sydney just would not be complete if you did not pay a visit to Black Star Pastry for its "world famous" strawberry and watermelon cake. Soft, light and pretty, the strawberry watermelon cake is a must try. The watermelon also doesn't at all clash with the cream as you may have thought, instead they complement each other well and there's some satisfaction in running your fork through the watermelon.

Gelato Messina

Okay, tell me one person who hasn't heard someone rave about Gelato Messina? With flavours that are experimental but brilliant, Gelato Messina cannot go wrong. When they offer red velvet gelato, pear and rhubarb, pavlova, salted caramel and white chocolate or even your simple but delicious vanilla, you have to pull yourself in line and try to refrain from purchasing their five taste platter. I didn't have the self restraint not to.


If you are looking for some serious matcha heaven that best reflects what is available in a sweet parfait store in Tokyo, Chanoma is not a place to miss. Lines are long but service is swift and you'll find yourself diving into the likes of the below. Or if you prefer something a little more simple, they also do straight matcha soft serves. Their hotdogs are also really good too.

Adriano Zumbo at the Star

There's a reason why this V8 Vanilla Cake was a pressure test challenge in the Australia Masterchef Finals. It's incredibly amazing. With layers of vanilla chantilly, toasted brûlée, vanilla water gel, macaron, almond crunch, dacquoise, ganache and glaze ... how can anyone resist? Zumbo is famous for his croquembouche, macarons with a difference (hello salted popcorn, malt milkshake and new york blueberry cheesecake) and various other masterful concoctions, he is a true modern day Willy Wonka. Pay a visit.

Cafe Cre Asion

It's a cafe tucked in the side streets in Surry Hills. It also gets very busy and is a favourite pick for locals. Simple but delicious dishes and tasty sweet treats are available for you morning through afternoon. The matcha fondant is one to note, particularly as it is soft, warm and oozes just the right consistency of matcha from the middle. Their macarons and green tea swiss roll are also lovely.