Sapore Espresso Bar

The staff at Sapore Espresso Bar are incredibly welcoming and genuinely interested in making your experience a good one. There is no question on the service. The overall decor and fit out is nice and it is a fresh and inviting cafe, boasting homestyle menu choices with a twist. 

The Salted Caramel and Popcorn Milkshake sounded like an interesting choice on the Sapore Espresso Bar menu. Not only had it been raved about on Instagram as the choice shake, it looked the part.

Unfortunately both May and myself did not think it was all it was cracked up to be. I was expecting a thick caramel shake, smooth and flavoursome, topped with buttery popcorn. Instead the shake was more like a strange concoction of milk and salty butter that didn't quite mix together. 

As these were two very different mediums, it required a fair bit of stirring before we could dilute the butter into the semi sweet milk. Mixing the cream at the top helped too, however the taste required some getting used to. In my opinion a simple and attractive idea was a little too over engineered and left a strange aftertaste.  The milkshake instead focused more on the popcorn element, rather than a much more preferred salted caramel. 


May ordered the Big Sapore and I ordered the Breakfast Board ($16.90). The Big Sapore ($19.90) came with your usual suspects, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, eggs and bread. It also came with a side of dry and salty beans and an equally dry and salty herb sausage. There was no butter available for the large slices of bread and nor was there any relish which would have broken up the dryness. Sauce was available however it seemed quite blasΓ© for a dish that could easily be made at home. Granted, we could have requested poached eggs, but it left much to be desired. 

The breakfast board was quite good and resembled breakfast tapas, a great concept. It reminded me of a breakfast buffet. The relish on the breakfast board was also something that would have positively contributed to the Big Sapore Breakfast. It doesn't seem like much but it gets quite filling with both a muesli jar and a slider to eat, of which was enjoyed more than the Big Sapore.

The food was fairly average but a special mention goes to the nutella cheesecake, although quite dense, it satisfied any chocolate cravings we previously had. If you're in the area there is no harm trying - perhaps opt for the nutella milkshake or even the red velvet pancakes. 

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