Knee Deep

Sometimes what you simply need in life is to not make decisions. To leave everything completely in the hands of another person. In the case of Knee Deep Winery in Margaret River, it was a chef. Knee Deep Winery and its Trust the Chef menu was recommended to me by a work friend and after a quick Google search I found myself 'knee deep' in photographs of beautiful food and I knew then, that I had to try their lunch menu. 

Like any good (or terrible) blogger, in situations such as these I noted down the names of the dishes presented as part of the Trust the Chef menu... but then accidentally deleted the note. Curses. Since it has been such a long time since sitting down and immersing myself in the wines they had to offer, the beautiful scenery and amazing food - I can't quite remember what it is I ate exactly. There's no copy of the Trust the Chef menu for me to refer to either either, as it's a a custom menu based on the fresh ingredients and produce available in the kitchen and the liberty of the chef. 

This minor detail aside, I am however able to tell you that you can choose to have either a three or five course menu and have the option to have your food accompanied with wine. Jason and I decided not to go ahead with the wine pairings as we did have quite a bit to drink when we were waiting for the kitchen to open up (all in the name of wine tasting of course) but I'm certain it would have been something special. As we finished the last course of our five course menu, we both agreed that five courses was the better choice. Three would have been too little to be honest - and with the amazing flavours and presentation of the dishes, two courses are two courses too many that you would sorely be missing out on. 

The first dish came out, presented on a beautiful plate that I have seen in a couple of restaurants already but one that I want so desperately to own myself... It may be time to go homeware shopping. Slices of cured ocean trout, seaweed and rice crisps, edamame, carrot juice and dehydrated chilli was set down before us. The soft and smooth trout was complimented with the dehydrated chilli both in textures and flavours and I would say it was one of my favourite dishes. 

Next up was a mix of chicken, onion, sundried tomato puree and corn. Following this was a lamb dish (also spotting some lamb tongue) and cheese and watermelon processed in two ways. As a palate cleanser we were given a sweet and tangy lime tea and followed on with dessert - lemon financiers, meringue, coconut sorbet, pistachios and mint. I really enjoyed the dessert - it was tangy, sweet, soft, cold, smooth - a good balance of flavours and textures that was almost enchanting. 

I suppose it was a good thing that I couldn't quite remember the Trust the Chef menu and that I had deleted the note. Hopefully it will give you all the more reason to visit Knee Deep Winery when next planning your trip to West Australia's south.

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 12pm - 3pm

60 Johnson Road, Dunsborough 6280

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