On Rowan

Photo credit: Matthew Wong

Photo credit: Matthew Wong


Throw in the essentials and let's go. There's something the truly grasps us Perth people, a need to drive, explore and travel "Down South". It's a sensation that we can't seem to shake. We have this need to to venture outside the confines of our little city and into the wilderness.

"Down South" is an expression on its own. There is no better feeling than skipping down the steps of your office building and flying into a car - ready to embrace the next three hours worth of driving. Gliding down an open road with the muffled sounds of the outside lapping against the windows is a ritual on the way. 

Ensure you have yourself a good selection of tunes to listen to as you plot points along country roads. Driving aimlessly can actually be a decent tour strategy in this region sometimes. However, ensure you have a place to stay. Annie and Matthew (more so Annie, thank you!) wonderfully organised another holiday house for the Summer. 

Located in Yallingup, this majestic house had incredible views, with multiple places to catch the sun on your toes as you ate breakfast in the morning. Kangaroos hopped around in the backyard and off into the hills as wild rabbits ran from bush to bush. It was something magical, as if the occurrences were crafted by an author. Blue birds skimmed the pool and I spent one morning sitting under the gazebo eating strawberries and fruit toast thinking "wow, Western Australia is some sort of amazing."

That was of course until something in the bush rustled and I figured it was time to go inside. The house was a retreat and the friends were a treat. Ukuleles were played, songs were sung and sometimes (in the case of Taylor Swift's Blank Space) yelled, while jamming to the guitar, shakers, tambourines and even the music app on the Ipad. 

We got lost in the Bowranup Forest, climbed the rocks at Canal Rocks and visited a few wineries and ice creameries as you do. About twenty minutes away from Augusta we thought it was a good idea to return to the house. 

The trek back home is a somewhat disappointing notion but I like to think of it as just as important as the journey there. It's the last chance to make a few stops before heading back to the city. You might just make a few turnings off the highway, explore the country roads, park by the beach and turn off the engine for a while. 


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