November Upmarket

Held at the University of Western Australia, the quarterly Perth Upmarket brings together some of Perth's talented people. And aren't they an interesting and creative bunch?! Every year there are different Upmarkets held on the UWA campus, with a couple of Wedding Upmarkets thrown in there for good measure. 

The Upmarket is an eclectic mix of talented artists, designers, cooks and creative business people. Here you will find yourself strolling and caressing hand sewn dresses, smelling organic peach and vanilla candles or even biting into a red velvet cupcake. 

Products for sale vary, ranging from handmade clothing and bags, kitchenware, cards, homewares, jewellery and skin products. You'll even come across portfolios of people's work, photographs or hand lettering. It's a mini exhibition of people's work that you can touch, admire and purchase there on the spot. 

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